Analytical Diagnostic Labs

office (718) 646-6000
fax (718) 646-0820

Services Offered:

• Therapeutic Drug Levels Reported By Individual Drugs for       Pharmacy Control

• Remotes Printers, Fax Machines, or Terminals W/Online Capability

• Daily, Weekly or Monthly Recap of All Critical Abnormal Results

• Point of Care Testing i.e. (Rapid Influenza Testing, A.B.G etc.)

• Long Term Tracking of Orders, Up To One Year In Advance

• Antibiotics on Cultures Reported In Cost Efficient Order

• Automatic Rescheduling for Non - Obtained Specimen

• Patient Report Review By Our Quality Assurance Staff

• P.P.S Information Interfaced to Most Facility Systems

• Results Retrieval Via - Integrated Voice Response

• Monthly Bio - Gram Reports for Infection Control

• Daily, Weekly, Monthly Work Detail Reports

• In - Service Lectures on Pertinent Topics

• Reports Delivered in: 8 to 12 Hours

• STAT Testing 365 Days a Year

• Result Retrieval Via - Internet

• Monthly Dietary Reports

• Electronic Ordering