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About Analytical

Analytical Diagnostic Labs, Inc. (Analytical) is a
fully automated and computerized medical laboratory. Analytical provides services to facilities throughout New York and New Jersey. Our testing center, located in Brooklyn, New
York, is licensed and certified by the New York State and New York City Departments of Health as well as the State Department of Health of New Jersey and Connecticut. Analytical is also approved by the Federal government for the
acceptance of interstate specimens.

Our laboratory is headed by a Board Certified Laboratory (Medical) Director. Our technical staff meets the certifying
requirements of the appropriate governing agencies. They are available to answer any questions our clients may have, and if
necessary, consult on any unusual cases. In addition to their educational background, our staff at Analytical receives expert training in laboratory techniques. Continuing education
programs keep our personnel abreast of current developments in laboratory medicine.

Instruments and related analytical equipment and materials are selected on the basis of proven performance. The analytical methods and equipment have been carefully chosen by
our professional and consulting staff. A formal quality control program is in effect for each procedure performed at Analytical. This includes: standardized quality control
procedures conducted at a local level, an intra-laboratory program using commercial and internal serum and governmental proficiency samples.

At Analytical, our phlebotomists specialize in dealing with geriatric patients. In order to achieve optimum response time communication is maintained with our phlebotomists and
couriers via two way radio. Please refer to the “Summary of Services” for more specifics. We can generate multiple copies of the same report. This allows copies to be forwarded to
nursing, dietary or any other designated office. Preliminary reports are available for cultures or other procedures that require longer then 24 hours for reportable results. Confirmation testing is performed on all critical abnormal
results, followed by immediate facility notification. Our on-line capability allows you to access results 24/7. End of month cumulative lab reports are also available. Our trained client representatives are available via phone or in person to answer any questions at your convenience.